Welcome to the hall of fame for All the Tors Champions. This walk was not designed as a race, you can take as long as you like over it – but it is possible to come first… Hopefully you’ll find lots of inspiration as the list of people, personal accounts and pictures grows.

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This is not a comprehensive list, especially since not everyone who completes the challenge will necessarily tell us about it. But as far as we know the fastest and youngest is Thomas Robbins (aged 15) who completed the full round in 6 days, 9 hours and 10 minutes.

Jo Kemp – Continuous round, 29th July 23 – 6th August 23, trail running
My Challenge: Jo’s Report
Thomas Robbins – Continuous round, 0645 Tue 23 Aug 22 – 1555 Mon 29 Aug 22
My Challenge: Thomas’ Report
Richard Veal – Continuous round, April 2022
My Challenge: Richard’s Report
Johnathan Williams – Completed March 2022
My Challenge: Johnathan’s Blog Posts documenting his walks
Bob Noakes – Completed October 2021
Bob Fitzpatrick – Completed 25/10/2021
Max Piper – Completed June 2021
Martyn Jewell – Completed May 2021
Gail Fursdon – Started 19/8/2019 Finished 30/12/2019
My Challenge: Gail’s Diary
Paul Buck – Finished 17/11/2019
My Challenge: Share Your Adventure
Emily Woodhouse – Started 15/9/2018 Finished 26/9/2018
My Challenge:

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