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The All the Tors Challenge is similar to a “race at your pace” or “virtual run” style challenge. There is no time limit and participants […]

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Welcome to the hall of fame for All the Tors Champions. This walk was not designed as a race, you can take as long as […]

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The All the Tors Challenge was first completed by Emily Woodhouse on 25th September 2018. It was devised as a way to celebrate her 25th year and Dartmoor Rescue’s 50th year in existence. This challenge walk encompasses every tor on the Dartmoor map that can be reached without crossing private land. Specifically: every tor within the  connected component of Open Access Land that is marked on OL28 as “something” space “tor”. Think of it as an extension of the famous Ten Tors Challenge.

Although your route may include other tors and tops marked on the map (or named locally), only these 119 tors count towards the challenge. For those looking for a more extreme challenge, the 119 tors can be completed in one continuous circuit over several days and roughly 300km.

For more about the challenge, see our About page.

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